Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cleveland Orchestra (finally) recording again

The Cleveland Orchestra will begin recording again after a seven-year absence reports Donald Rosenberg in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, although it's not clear yet when recordings will start coming out or whether the orchestra will release any music written by living composers. The first work, already recorded, isn't exactly a bold programming choice -- Beethoven's Ninth. The article says the orchestra doesn't have a record contract yet but is talking to Deutsche Grammophon and EMI Classics.


JW said...

Ater such a long absence from recording, CO couldn't come up with something more interesting than Beethoven's 9th? The market being saturated with performances ranging from transcendent to plain awful, who's going to buy this? Do they really think DG wants to take a bath on another recording of a work that they have already recorded far more than a dozen times? CO should ask themselves how many units of Dohnanyi's Rheingold were sold (answer: not even close to nearly enough), then go back to the repertoire drawing board. Franz is known for doing some worthwhile rep from time to time, like the Schmidt symphonies, etc. It makes emminent economic sense to place a recording where there is less competition, and simultaneously give a lesser known great work an airing.

Anonymous said...

. . .particularly given how mediocre the reviews were to FWM
s Beethoven's 9th. In fact, the reviews for the Chicago Symphony recently in Miami were much more impressive than those for the CO. In their second concert, critics for both local papers and the New York Times commented about technical mistakes made by some of the players in Mahler's 1st. Could you imagine such a thing under Dohnanyi, Maazel or Szell. Hopefully, FWM will get the top spot in Vienna and CO can find a more consistent and commanding music director.

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