Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cleveland jazz history remembered

This afternoon, my wife and I went to a program at the East Cleveland Public Library devoted to the jazz photography of Frank Kuchirchuk, a retired photographer at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky who took many photographs of jazz greats during the early 1950s in Cleveland. Cleveland jazz historian Joe Mosbrook provided much of the commentary as Kuchirchuk's photographs were displayed on a screen. I was pleased the event drew a big turnout, as I had helped library director Greg Reese get together with Kuchirchuk. The Plain Dealer helped with a nice advance on the show.


Anonymous said...

Wish I'd known...I've played with a lot of old-time polka guys, who also used to play jazz and pop gigs, and heard a lot of stories on the band bus about the 40s and 50s.-J. Quick

Anonymous said...

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