Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Ornstein released

Good news for fans of composer Leo Ornstein (such as myself): a new CD of Ornstein's collected works for cello and piano has just been released by New World Records.

Severo Ornstein, the composer's son, reports that it's a "superb recording" which has several works never recorded before.

Mr. Ornstein could be accused of bias, but his recommendation is good enough for me. He recommended the piano quintet to me as one of his father's best works. I've been listening a lot lately to the recording of the quintet made by Janice Weber and the Lydian String Quartet and it's a great record.

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Joshua Gordon said...

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thanks for the Leo Ornstein commentary. You'll be glad to know our Leo Ornstein cello piano CD just got reviewed by Vivien Schweitzer in this past Sunday's NY Times Arts and Leisure section (scroll to 2nd review at

best wishes,
Joshua Gordon