Monday, December 18, 2006

William Duckworth revealed

I few days ago, I mentioned I had discovered William Duckworth by listening to a piece called "Mysterious Numbers" on an album by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony. Not that I'm a music expert, but it was interesting to hear such a wonderful piece by someone I'd never heard of. I tried to find out more about him but had trouble finding useful information on the Internet.

I finally found a weblog posting by composer and critic Kyle Gann provides useful insight into Duckworth's music and a handy list of works to look for. (I downloaded the "Time Curve Preludes" from Emusic a few days ago, and it's just as great as Gann says it is.) Here's a key quote from Gann's posting: "If there is any composer from the 1980s and '90s whose music is sturdy, enduring, and universal enough to go into the standard repertoire, it is Duckworth's."

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JW said...

Tom, did you know a Cleveland Chamber Symphony recording was nominated for a Grammy? It's for the very last one they made before their involuntary and (thankfully) temporary and retirement. You can see at the Grammy site in Category 100 Best Instrumental Performance with Orchestra.

It's really great to have a site focused upon serious Cleveland art news. Thanks.