Saturday, December 01, 2007

Believe the hype

I've been reading Alex Ross' excellent new book, THE REST IS NOISE.

Has anyone noticed what a surprising and pleasant phenomena this book has become? A classical music critic writes a rather long book about 20th century classical music, a title that seems aimed directly at me and perhaps 100 other readers, and it appears on the bestseller lists. I was going to go see Alex Ross' lecture in Cleveland Friday night, but when I tried to get tickets, more than a week before his date, they were sold out. (Damn, he practically has a moral obligation to link to my blog now!)

By becoming a best selling author, not to mention a lecturer who apparently inspires mob scenes, Ross appears to have at least temporarily won the argument over whether classical music is deceased. Let's see of Greg "Classical Music Is Dead" Sandow hits the bestseller list with his new book.


Mikhail Emelianov said...

it is a great book indeed - hopefully the word spreads and Alex's message get a wider audience

Anonymous said...

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